Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dear Fruit Pockets

Dear Fruit Pockets,

You are diminutive

But strong in your belief
Even as a fugitive
And even as a thief

Upon seeing your hold bursting

With secrecy and stealth
My imagination begins thirsting 
For some green apple health

Covert missions from a meal

Bananas, oranges, and pears
Leave comestibles to conceal
Until returning to your lair

Oh don't you know to bring a pack

A vessel for your stow?
Or do you prefer to hold your stack
Keep your profile low?

I wish I had your grit

To steal from the hand that feeds
But I would never make it
Away with so much ease

So stay diminutive 

Stay strong in your belief
Stay a fugitive
And please just stay a thief

This is my ode to the guy I just saw stumbling heavily through the doors to our building. His hands full with the days gatherings and pockets overflowing, I felt I owed him a special poem for his bravery in stealing all that food from the dining hall. I hope he has a heavenly next month with all that food! 

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