Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 Types

Hello people of the Bloggersphere! It has been quite a while since my last post and I cannot possibly catch you up! One subject remains on my mind though. This is about the groups of people in college.

There are about three types of people in college. The group walkers, solo swallowers, and the skateboarders. Solo swallowers are the somewhat quiet people who generally eat their grub in silence studying over a large science book or pondering the state of their food.
Skateboarders, well, the word almost speaks for its self. Skateboarders are the people that throw themselves into any activity without a care in the world. They skate by with no means of stopping or even the idea to do so.
And then there are the group walkers. Have you ever been strolling to class minding your own business near the curb, when suddenly a group of people begins approaching you without even a glance in your direction? Where are you supposed to go? Group walkers have the mentallity of always being together no matter what. If seperated or even disturbed the entire world could explode or something else dramatic.

Lately, I see a lot of group walkers. I can't seem to get anywhere without being forced into a gutter or onto the grass or even into a tree. Seems like every step I take I might be upsetting the balance of the group walker's natural environment. Don't get me wrong, I understand the group walk mentality, I am a bit of a group walker myself. I understand the feeling of falling behind and suddenly being pushed from not only the conversation but the friendship altogether. I understand. But I also understand that sometimes I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WALK ON THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK!

Dispite the sudden abundance of group walkers, it's been a great week, and a busy week. The huge highlight was getting to see Jason Mraz in concert last night with my little sis and my mom. My mom saw him in a tiny venue long ago before the enormity of "I'm Your's" and his rise to fame. She returned to give Maddy and I the gift of Mraz, and we have loved him ever since. This was my second time seeing him at Red Rocks, and it beat every other concert of my life, and I've seen some pretty amazing concerts! Whether it was the constant music and non-stop fun or the bright neon graphics surrounding his beautiful voice, I was in awe of his performance. You really don't know a performance until you see him in concert, it's amazing.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great end of September! Keep on keepin' on!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Library Story

She clenches the sneeze as her fingers type
Choking loudly as she gasps for air
Blonde hair pouting with her silent gripe
Keyboard shaking from her angry glare

A man walks by, coat streaked with mire
Across the floor his boots paint stains
He droopingly saunters to retire
Couches beckon to take his strains

These are the people of the library
Seeking secrets of the sphere
Whether they are joyful or wary
Into books become King Lear

Strokey Beard they christened him
As a seat he never takes
Soothing his hair with a smile so grim
Heels dragging as the breaks

She examines the man with a sneer
Knowing something I do not
Humorous orbs behold the beard so sere
She returns to type a bit distraught

Acquainted with each other from the past
Or maybe from another life
They regard one another with eyes of glass
Anger coldly slicing like a knife

Do you want to know their story?
For I am sure it is one of show
Be it full of books and glory
Or be it of anger and of woe

From where they come I do not know
But I know that they share their zeal
With words of William Yeats or Thoreau
Underneath they are most genteel

These are the people of the library
Seeking secrets of the sphere
I do not know all of their story
But I know it resembles Shakespeare

Monday, September 17, 2012

Your Bike

You walk out of the creaky building out onto the cool, stone steps. Your shoes pound music into every step as you walk towards your precious vehicle: your bike. The silver flowers swirl up the purple metal and a twinkle of light winks at you as you approach.

Gently pulling out the little black key you push it into the lock. With a twist, your soulmate is free. Practically feeling the air rushing through your hair already, you lovingly pull on that purple frame. Stubbornly, she holds to the rack. Another little pull. Still your cherished bike grips the cold metal. Slight frustration rises in your chest. Deep breath. With another tug you feel that annoyance mounting to your neck. Then your cheeks. Then as you yank and tear at that brainless hunk of metal you feel the anger lash out through your hands, your feet, your mouth, your eyes, your ears, and even your hair is standing on end.

Looking around you see the ugly, black handle of a mountain bike besetting your precious. With another glance, your passionless, angry eyes see another bike clutching to the other side of your bike. You jerk on the black handled garbage. Then you pull on the peddles lodged in the tires of your beloved. Then you yank. Then you tear.


Your precious paramour is lodged between the two most unforgiving pieces of rubble that one has ever laid eyes on. Tears well in your eyes as you imagine your life with your love, paralyzed between the racks. All those roads you journeyed, all the paths you traveled, are just memories now. Now you must learn to care for your bike as it survives the cold pinch of the winter, the mudslides of the spring, and the melting heat of the summer.

Falling to your knees, you look up to the sky. "WHY?" you scream as devastated tears fall to the ground. Rain begins to fall from a suddenly dark sky and thunder gouges the ground around you.

You reach to touch your purple inamorata one last time before you take to the streets on foot like a common dog. Suddenly that love of your life, your way of transportation, slides gently out into your outstretched arms. And just like that, you are together again. You see the future you have together, your arms dangerously spread wide on an empty road, the chase of the wind, the heart melting love of eternity. You step onto her peddles, forgiving those unfortunate mountain bikes for their hostility in an instant, because they will never be as beautiful as your bike, your love. 

Sunday, September 16, 2012


This video is mainly for my parental units to show them what my saturday looks like! Love you guys!

Work for Today:
Hike with a cappella friend
Eat lunch with a cappella friend
Laugh a lot with a cappella friend
Get home
Edit for hours
Publish saturday's work

Monday, September 10, 2012

Giggle McGee

Woo Girl (n.):
A woman usually between the ages of 18-24 who shows her excitement and fun that she is having with her friends by exalting with a "WOOO" usually in unison with 4-5 other whoo girls.

I am... *gulp*.... a woo girl. I suppose I've always been a woo girl, but I did not see it until now. I assumed I woo'd only when line dancing or watching a performance, but no. I woo all the time. See what makes a woo girl is not only her unique call, but also the chirps and tweats that accompany the great call of "WOO". The OMG's, the "Oh No You Di'int", and the signature "GASPS" all make a woo girl. And I, my dear friends, am a woo girl.

This discovery came about over this weekend. After another crazy few days, I have discovered my inner woo. I went to a party with my adventure friend where it was so loud the only thing we could do was woo. Then we met a super nice, and very attractive guy who showed us how to get onto the roof of one of the buildings on campus. It was beautiful in the moonlight and so high up. The blue to green light from a far off building gave the illusion of our own Northern Lights.

Returning to the party I found I was all woo'ed out, or so I thought. We said our good bye's and went to watch our friend sing in his a cappella group. While waiting for him, the lovely fountains in the courtyard beckoned for us to come dance. So we took off our shoes and ran through the streams of water, hoping that no one could see us as we squealed with glee into the night. Above our woos, we began to hear the tones of the Buffoons, the all male a cappella group coming from the archways. We turned to see most of them in suits as well as our friend who we had probably totally embarrassed! We woo'd our way through their performances and then the three of us returned to my dorm to talk for another few hours.

The next day I took the day off. No woo girling for me that day, just some smiles and giggles but no real loud personality. Until the night when I was invited to watch a sci-fi movie with a good friend! Let the woos begin! I was so excited that all my OMG's were flying around and I was Giggles McGee.

Then yesterday I had a great night hanging with sci-fi friend and another old friend for the whole night after eating breakfast with my adventure friend and a cappella friend. We sat and talked for so long that we stood up, got lunch, and sat down again to eat. SO LAZY! But the whole day was great, although I might have scared my mom with how much energy I had when I called her at 10:00pm.

Knowing how much of a woo girl I am, I guess there's no changing it. I suppose I should accept my inner woo, and allow the woo to come through. It's the only thing to do!

Friday, September 7, 2012






Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Lessons

It's been a crazy week!
A crazy COUPLE weeks!
But I made it!

In the past two weeks I have done more stuff than I have ever packed into that amount of time. I have changed dorms (a very hard process), seen The President of the United States, ran around to classes, done all of my homework, figured out how the printers worked, talked on the phone to a billion different people for hours, and missed my family like crazy. But now it is a Thursday night. I am done with my homework for the rest of the week and am sitting in the dining hall after friend skyping. Soon I'll be off to get some double F ("free food") with my adventure friend and then am going to see another friend sing into the night. Tomorrow's hopefully another jam packed day and then the next day I'm hiking!
So what have I learned about college in the past two weeks?

#1: If you want pineapples you have to get to the fruit early. I stood by one day as four people in a row walked by the fruit bowl and took only their favorite fruit, pineapple. This is unacceptable. Upon seeing Obama I should have brought up this important issue, but alas, I did not.

#2: Always sit in the front of the class. I have really been making an effort to sit in front of all of my classes. It seems to be the best way to not be distracted as well as being recognized by teachers. The closer you sit, the easier life will be. I decided to test this theory today by sitting in the back of my Mexican-American Lit. class. Demonstrated by the doodle birds now decorating my notebook, my theory was correct.

#3: Dont drink pepsi for dinner. Just don't do it. Staying up all night is a terrible thing and it's just bad for you. DRINK SOME MILK!

#4: Always, always, always respect the cleaning woman. By respect I mean clean up after yourself and give her a nice hello. While doing this, however, there is a very important rule. Do not, I repeat, do not, stay around too long. The cleaning woman will have a fit and throw you out herself. Trust me, if you see the cleaning woman, smile, throw in a thank you (because come on, she is doing a job that is vital), and then book it as fast as you can. I really appreciate the cleaning woman that comes into my dorm bathroom, but I seriously never wanna get kicked out with half a made-up face and barely dressed again.

#5: When in doubt, shout out. Ok, don't shout, but calmly ask for help. I have had to really woman-up this past week to get my voice heard. Whether it is going to see your Spanish teacher because you don't understand a simple homework problem, emailing your Advisor, or talking to Housing to try to move, it must be done. Without speaking up, you won't get anywhere you wanna be.

#6: Always have at least six bullet points.