Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Netflix: What Hast Thou Done?

Oh trawl snap that waits for me at home
Anticipating my eventual return
Frothy and eternal like sea foam
Building terrible desire in mind's stern

Flop on sleeping cushion and trawl snap
Humorous orbs open and drying 'til dawn
Sleeping moments taken and entrapped
<Thou hast taken m'time, tis gone!">

Foreign and adventure, satire and romance
Experience floating on virtual life
Debris twisting in unproductive ocean dance
Grab thy seine and cut with productive knife

<I will never return to ere,
This I fain would guarantee!
Hark! Trawl snap, I hast been freed!
Hie thee hence or I will bitch slap thee!>

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Living Like a Thirty Year Old Business Woman

<I'm fat right now> she thought, purposefully examining her dirty computer keys in avoidance of glancing at her paunchy proportions. Chipped red nail polish punched the white keys. Little balls of dust laid stationary in the cracks from key 1 to M. Her eyes drooped and she let her head drop to the desk. To be perfectly honest, she slept more at the library now a days than at her apartment. It was less because she was studying and more because she hadn't cleaned her begrimed quarters in weeks. The anticipation and intimidation of impelling the little white door against the force of the garb wall scared her away from her bed. She truly had no time to clean that room. A sleepy darkness fell on her.

Christina Addicks slouched in the corner analyzing results from the biology project. Spence Hoffman was on a community computer checking facebook. Daniel Baker was writing his communications class transcription and Hayden Lane crouched on the floor plugging in his laptop. Messy curls, straightened brown hair, cropped locks all bounced past the printers. Natalie Madden knitted during the lunch break with light pink yarn weaving through her fingers. A tour passed across the floor with smiling or bored high school seniors along with their proud and excited parents. Matt Dodds returned "History of Rome".

As she slept, she was surrounded by people like her. While her eyes flickered under their lids, young individuals hearts were beating a similar rhythm to her's, as they struggled and laughed and lived along side her. Yet she dreamed of her solus. <It's almost Valentine's Day>