Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Netflix: What Hast Thou Done?

Oh trawl snap that waits for me at home
Anticipating my eventual return
Frothy and eternal like sea foam
Building terrible desire in mind's stern

Flop on sleeping cushion and trawl snap
Humorous orbs open and drying 'til dawn
Sleeping moments taken and entrapped
<Thou hast taken m'time, tis gone!">

Foreign and adventure, satire and romance
Experience floating on virtual life
Debris twisting in unproductive ocean dance
Grab thy seine and cut with productive knife

<I will never return to ere,
This I fain would guarantee!
Hark! Trawl snap, I hast been freed!
Hie thee hence or I will bitch slap thee!>


  1. Kelly, this is amazing!!!!!! You really need to write more, I love it!!!!!!