Monday, March 10, 2014

You'll Never Escape Facebook

I sit, perched on my seat in philosophy class
Of course Mr. Kendle, you have my attention
No, of course I'm not boiling with sass
That wasn't sarcasm, don't start a contention

You're droning on, so what else can I do?
Seems the only option is to open Facebook
Look, Rachel wrote me from Classics 102!
She sent me a link, guess I'll give it a look

Sarah sent me another plea from Candy Crush
Petitioning I start the game and give up my world
Pop my life in the toilet and give it a flush
Match three while away my existence whirls

What's this? A friend request?!
Josh Galley, frown, dark hair, and set of drums
It's hard to find me, I'm impressed
Oh wait a minute, no common chums?
Hold on while I DEFRIEND

"Kelly? Kelly? Hola, are you awake?"
Sorry Dr. Warner, I'll pay attention n--

What?! How did I get to your class, this must be fake!
What time is it? Let me check my phone!

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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Melodrama: Not My Jam

Bone breaking
Waves crashing over rock
Wind snapping pine
Chance crash of asteroids

Suffering so immense
So theatrical, unnecessary?
Physical pain in my chest
Heart burning

When the pain is too much
Where do you go?
Can you bare to trust
Another to help you?

Unbolt arms
Unlock ribs
Chip away wall
Can you trust it will all be ok?

When you have been hurt
And are scared
Can you close you eyes
And let the waves crash in

Can you let someone else
See your tears, your fears?
Melodrama so ridiculous
Feels weird to write in words

So much pain in the world
And I sit here with fear
Don't know why I am so scared (terrified)
To care