Monday, March 10, 2014

You'll Never Escape Facebook

I sit, perched on my seat in philosophy class
Of course Mr. Kendle, you have my attention
No, of course I'm not boiling with sass
That wasn't sarcasm, don't start a contention

You're droning on, so what else can I do?
Seems the only option is to open Facebook
Look, Rachel wrote me from Classics 102!
She sent me a link, guess I'll give it a look

Sarah sent me another plea from Candy Crush
Petitioning I start the game and give up my world
Pop my life in the toilet and give it a flush
Match three while away my existence whirls

What's this? A friend request?!
Josh Galley, frown, dark hair, and set of drums
It's hard to find me, I'm impressed
Oh wait a minute, no common chums?
Hold on while I DEFRIEND

"Kelly? Kelly? Hola, are you awake?"
Sorry Dr. Warner, I'll pay attention n--

What?! How did I get to your class, this must be fake!
What time is it? Let me check my phone!

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