Thursday, September 6, 2012

6 Lessons

It's been a crazy week!
A crazy COUPLE weeks!
But I made it!

In the past two weeks I have done more stuff than I have ever packed into that amount of time. I have changed dorms (a very hard process), seen The President of the United States, ran around to classes, done all of my homework, figured out how the printers worked, talked on the phone to a billion different people for hours, and missed my family like crazy. But now it is a Thursday night. I am done with my homework for the rest of the week and am sitting in the dining hall after friend skyping. Soon I'll be off to get some double F ("free food") with my adventure friend and then am going to see another friend sing into the night. Tomorrow's hopefully another jam packed day and then the next day I'm hiking!
So what have I learned about college in the past two weeks?

#1: If you want pineapples you have to get to the fruit early. I stood by one day as four people in a row walked by the fruit bowl and took only their favorite fruit, pineapple. This is unacceptable. Upon seeing Obama I should have brought up this important issue, but alas, I did not.

#2: Always sit in the front of the class. I have really been making an effort to sit in front of all of my classes. It seems to be the best way to not be distracted as well as being recognized by teachers. The closer you sit, the easier life will be. I decided to test this theory today by sitting in the back of my Mexican-American Lit. class. Demonstrated by the doodle birds now decorating my notebook, my theory was correct.

#3: Dont drink pepsi for dinner. Just don't do it. Staying up all night is a terrible thing and it's just bad for you. DRINK SOME MILK!

#4: Always, always, always respect the cleaning woman. By respect I mean clean up after yourself and give her a nice hello. While doing this, however, there is a very important rule. Do not, I repeat, do not, stay around too long. The cleaning woman will have a fit and throw you out herself. Trust me, if you see the cleaning woman, smile, throw in a thank you (because come on, she is doing a job that is vital), and then book it as fast as you can. I really appreciate the cleaning woman that comes into my dorm bathroom, but I seriously never wanna get kicked out with half a made-up face and barely dressed again.

#5: When in doubt, shout out. Ok, don't shout, but calmly ask for help. I have had to really woman-up this past week to get my voice heard. Whether it is going to see your Spanish teacher because you don't understand a simple homework problem, emailing your Advisor, or talking to Housing to try to move, it must be done. Without speaking up, you won't get anywhere you wanna be.

#6: Always have at least six bullet points.


  1. I love reading your post and was excited to see a new one. reminds me I should post on my blog sometime..... then again, mom just found out what the url was sooooo. Anyway, I love you and I am glad you are learning and life is improving. have a great week, I will defiently skype you soon. Right now I am dying of boredom in my Sign Language class. Anyway, I love you, have a great week

  2. These suggestions are going to change my life. Especially the pineapple one!