Wednesday, September 26, 2012

3 Types

Hello people of the Bloggersphere! It has been quite a while since my last post and I cannot possibly catch you up! One subject remains on my mind though. This is about the groups of people in college.

There are about three types of people in college. The group walkers, solo swallowers, and the skateboarders. Solo swallowers are the somewhat quiet people who generally eat their grub in silence studying over a large science book or pondering the state of their food.
Skateboarders, well, the word almost speaks for its self. Skateboarders are the people that throw themselves into any activity without a care in the world. They skate by with no means of stopping or even the idea to do so.
And then there are the group walkers. Have you ever been strolling to class minding your own business near the curb, when suddenly a group of people begins approaching you without even a glance in your direction? Where are you supposed to go? Group walkers have the mentallity of always being together no matter what. If seperated or even disturbed the entire world could explode or something else dramatic.

Lately, I see a lot of group walkers. I can't seem to get anywhere without being forced into a gutter or onto the grass or even into a tree. Seems like every step I take I might be upsetting the balance of the group walker's natural environment. Don't get me wrong, I understand the group walk mentality, I am a bit of a group walker myself. I understand the feeling of falling behind and suddenly being pushed from not only the conversation but the friendship altogether. I understand. But I also understand that sometimes I SHOULD BE ABLE TO WALK ON THE PUBLIC SIDEWALK!

Dispite the sudden abundance of group walkers, it's been a great week, and a busy week. The huge highlight was getting to see Jason Mraz in concert last night with my little sis and my mom. My mom saw him in a tiny venue long ago before the enormity of "I'm Your's" and his rise to fame. She returned to give Maddy and I the gift of Mraz, and we have loved him ever since. This was my second time seeing him at Red Rocks, and it beat every other concert of my life, and I've seen some pretty amazing concerts! Whether it was the constant music and non-stop fun or the bright neon graphics surrounding his beautiful voice, I was in awe of his performance. You really don't know a performance until you see him in concert, it's amazing.

Well, I hope everyone is having a great end of September! Keep on keepin' on!

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