Monday, September 17, 2012

Your Bike

You walk out of the creaky building out onto the cool, stone steps. Your shoes pound music into every step as you walk towards your precious vehicle: your bike. The silver flowers swirl up the purple metal and a twinkle of light winks at you as you approach.

Gently pulling out the little black key you push it into the lock. With a twist, your soulmate is free. Practically feeling the air rushing through your hair already, you lovingly pull on that purple frame. Stubbornly, she holds to the rack. Another little pull. Still your cherished bike grips the cold metal. Slight frustration rises in your chest. Deep breath. With another tug you feel that annoyance mounting to your neck. Then your cheeks. Then as you yank and tear at that brainless hunk of metal you feel the anger lash out through your hands, your feet, your mouth, your eyes, your ears, and even your hair is standing on end.

Looking around you see the ugly, black handle of a mountain bike besetting your precious. With another glance, your passionless, angry eyes see another bike clutching to the other side of your bike. You jerk on the black handled garbage. Then you pull on the peddles lodged in the tires of your beloved. Then you yank. Then you tear.


Your precious paramour is lodged between the two most unforgiving pieces of rubble that one has ever laid eyes on. Tears well in your eyes as you imagine your life with your love, paralyzed between the racks. All those roads you journeyed, all the paths you traveled, are just memories now. Now you must learn to care for your bike as it survives the cold pinch of the winter, the mudslides of the spring, and the melting heat of the summer.

Falling to your knees, you look up to the sky. "WHY?" you scream as devastated tears fall to the ground. Rain begins to fall from a suddenly dark sky and thunder gouges the ground around you.

You reach to touch your purple inamorata one last time before you take to the streets on foot like a common dog. Suddenly that love of your life, your way of transportation, slides gently out into your outstretched arms. And just like that, you are together again. You see the future you have together, your arms dangerously spread wide on an empty road, the chase of the wind, the heart melting love of eternity. You step onto her peddles, forgiving those unfortunate mountain bikes for their hostility in an instant, because they will never be as beautiful as your bike, your love. 

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