Monday, September 10, 2012

Giggle McGee

Woo Girl (n.):
A woman usually between the ages of 18-24 who shows her excitement and fun that she is having with her friends by exalting with a "WOOO" usually in unison with 4-5 other whoo girls.

I am... *gulp*.... a woo girl. I suppose I've always been a woo girl, but I did not see it until now. I assumed I woo'd only when line dancing or watching a performance, but no. I woo all the time. See what makes a woo girl is not only her unique call, but also the chirps and tweats that accompany the great call of "WOO". The OMG's, the "Oh No You Di'int", and the signature "GASPS" all make a woo girl. And I, my dear friends, am a woo girl.

This discovery came about over this weekend. After another crazy few days, I have discovered my inner woo. I went to a party with my adventure friend where it was so loud the only thing we could do was woo. Then we met a super nice, and very attractive guy who showed us how to get onto the roof of one of the buildings on campus. It was beautiful in the moonlight and so high up. The blue to green light from a far off building gave the illusion of our own Northern Lights.

Returning to the party I found I was all woo'ed out, or so I thought. We said our good bye's and went to watch our friend sing in his a cappella group. While waiting for him, the lovely fountains in the courtyard beckoned for us to come dance. So we took off our shoes and ran through the streams of water, hoping that no one could see us as we squealed with glee into the night. Above our woos, we began to hear the tones of the Buffoons, the all male a cappella group coming from the archways. We turned to see most of them in suits as well as our friend who we had probably totally embarrassed! We woo'd our way through their performances and then the three of us returned to my dorm to talk for another few hours.

The next day I took the day off. No woo girling for me that day, just some smiles and giggles but no real loud personality. Until the night when I was invited to watch a sci-fi movie with a good friend! Let the woos begin! I was so excited that all my OMG's were flying around and I was Giggles McGee.

Then yesterday I had a great night hanging with sci-fi friend and another old friend for the whole night after eating breakfast with my adventure friend and a cappella friend. We sat and talked for so long that we stood up, got lunch, and sat down again to eat. SO LAZY! But the whole day was great, although I might have scared my mom with how much energy I had when I called her at 10:00pm.

Knowing how much of a woo girl I am, I guess there's no changing it. I suppose I should accept my inner woo, and allow the woo to come through. It's the only thing to do!

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