Saturday, October 20, 2012

Kelly Goes Clubbing

"So how late are you going to bed tonight Kelly? Seven thirty? Eight? Don't tell me you're going to push it to eight thirty?!" giggled my hall friends at dinner. The three guys grinned at me knowing I would blush and laugh and say, "I was thinking seven tonight."
But that was not the response they got. Instead they heard words they never thought would leave my mouth. 
"I'm going clubbing tonight." I might've smirked just a little at their surprise. 
Of course they hardly believed me, but the doubt was in their minds already and I was a different person than I had been only seconds ago. 

So how did clubbing go? 
Terrible. Clubbing is terrible. I went with a couple friends and a couple of their friends. The three of us girls got ready after some Starbucks in my adventure friends dorm. She did my makeup and her roommate straightened my hair. How fun it was to get dressed up and feel just a little sexy! 
I even returned to my dorm to drop a few things off and maybe a bit to get my hall mates to see that I was serious. I strutted to my room in my little red heels and little black dress so excited to show off. And i did get a lot of surprised comments! It was a great start to the night.
But then we went to the club...

The club was dark and loud and awesome. Lights were flashing every where and the music was pounding in our little, naive chests. But we had made a mistake. We had dressed cute, and not like lazy, just rolled out of bed, I'll beat you up if you touch me, rough girls.
Mistake #1.
We made our way excitedly out onto the dance floor hand in hand so we didn't lose each other. And then we started dancing.
Mistake #2.
The guys were instantly attracted to our macarana dancing and suddenly we were being groped and grinded. Instantly the night turned from great night to night fright. We started making our way out of the dance floor. We took the obvious path, you know, the one that wove to the edge of the crowed and pressed out through the side.
Mistake #3.
The guys at the edge of the dance floor are the ones that don't even want to seduce women by grinding and groping, but just want to grab you and make out with you. NO! Both me and my friend were so grossed out and we got through the crowd just in time. We decided to go explore the club. All we found were gross men. I was instantly not into it. "Let's go get coffee or something," I yelled over the not-music. We decided to leave.
Ok, maybe it wasn't a huge mistake, seeing as we were practically punching men to get the off of us. But it was downtown Denver, where were we supposed to go? Obviously my choice was the best lit area, 16th street. I know 16th street has lots of light and police everywhere. And it does. But nonetheless is was not a good situation to be in. We were two girls in high heels with no guy, which we should have had.
We made our way rolling our eyes at drunk men to Subway, the only place that isn't a club that's still open at 2:00 in the morning. Meanwhile, we weren't sure our ride back home was going to come through. We were ready to spend an all-nighter at Subway with the company of the normal people that filtered through.
Finally our ride came to pick us up after a lot of anxiety and stress. I was happy to be home once we finally made the 45 minute drive back.

I think the moral of the story is that I'm not meant for clubs and never will be. But that's one experience I had to get over with, and at least I was with a good friend and I proved that I'm still city savvy! After all of this, I don't know if I'm up for Zombie Crawl tonight, so I might just go to sci-fi movie night and chill out. Adios amigos!!! I'll update you on more October fun later!

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