Thursday, March 14, 2013

Mushroom, Tomato, and Strawberry

Look who's bloggin'!!! Wow! I'm just sitting in the library, drinking a chai and kinda reading "La Casa De Los Espíritus" and i just thought, you know what would be great? Writing in my blog!!! I know it's been months, but I just feel like I'm ready to write about life again. Generally I like to keep my blogs creativity based, not drama based. So over the last few months I've had a little freshie drama, but now I'm back, life is good, and i'm ready to report!

I think i'm just going to give you guys a little story now that I'm back. This little girl I tutor wrote this with me the other day and it is so darn cute you all need to hear it!

Mushroom the otter was taking a walk in the forest and he met Tomato the owl. Tomato was looking for Tomatoes. They decided to take a walk together. After a little while, they met Strawberry the skunk who was just taking a walk. They decided to include him.
They only liked the food that they were named after. After they got to meet their friends, they started to try the foods their friends were named after. After they started eating the other foods, they began to like the foods their friends were named after, and they forgot all about the foods they themselves were named after.
The End.

Kids are the best!

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