Friday, August 24, 2012

Day 2 Down

Out of bed.
Take shower in empty bathroom.
Walk to Starbucks 15 mins.
Walk back to dorm 10 mins.
Get dressed.
Change outfit.
Follow other grey shirted freshman 20 mins. 
Find you are in a stadium.
Sit next to a friend.
See a friend across the room.
Listen to "directors" in robes talk about the future.
Crowd into tight charcoal crowd.
Parade through sororities.
Parade through fraternities.
Parade through the band.
Get Indian food.
Drop Indian food.
Return for more but find something better.
Carry plates (plural) to sit with old friend.
Run into another old friend.
See another friend.
See yet another friend. 
Wonder how you know people in a group of 5,000 freshies.
Go back to dorm 18 mins. 
Skype with sister 2+ hrs.
Wait for next event = hall mixer.

And that has been my second day!

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