Sunday, August 26, 2012

Why I Didn't Go to the Concert

My reason for not attending the concert yesterday:

        While doing my seventeen minute trudge back to the dorm last night at about 8:00pm, I noticed a strange figure coming towards me. Could my eyes be deceiving me? This diffident creature approaching me in the dusk could not be human. No. It had to be a monster, a lost soul maybe. I continued to walk thinking of all my supernatural hunting skills. Did I have any silver, any holy water or salt? Not a single defense apparatus to liberate me from the hell this beast would surely deliver me. And on the off chance it was human; well let's just say that maybe I can throw a few punches but my aim is not great.
        Considering my options I realized I had nowhere to run and no one to run too. The main road was a good ten minutes away and in the direction of the demon. Sensing my impending doom, I took a deep breath and prepared myself for the fight that would come.
        Suddenly, in the blink of an eye and a flash of my life, the creature had gone. Shaking my head, I laughed at my foolish ways and began to stroll along, maybe slightly faster than I had begun. Plugging my earphones back in, Jim Morrison began to sing his hauntingly simple lyrics. As my feet tapping to the beat of the ballad, I hardly noticed the foot steps resonating through the tunnel behind me. But hardly was more than not at all. I realized the demon had circled around me. A dangerous game of tag commenced.
         I had already established earlier that to turn and fight would mean certain death. So I began trotting towards the sounds of sirens and speeding cars. Faster and faster until I felt like I was

          Undoubtedly, this monster was coming for me.
          "Hey! You!"
          I slowed to turn but did not stop. "Yes?" I said sweetly to maybe amend his judgement.
          "You wannnnna have some funn?" The dark spirit slurred.
          "Sorry," I squealed as I bolted. I ran from the demon as fast as I could. I ran towards my friends, my family, my existence, and towards that damned highway that seemed to get farther away the harder my breath.
          Finally I saw it. The road. I saw people walking and laughing. There were angry drivers honking and green and red lights whirring. I spun around to face that monster, primed for victory by drawing on the energy of all those humans around me. But to my surprise, not a thing stood present, solitary in the growing darkness.
          The lesson was that there are monsters out there, be them human or supernatural, and let it stand, that I will survive, Oh, as long as I know how to love, I know I'll stay alive!

Ok, so that was reason number one, and probably the biggest as I was honestly totally creeped out and didn't have a ride to get back home in the dark (all the buses are down). Another big reason is that I didn't really know anyone I was going to go with. They were new friends and I had no idea how reliable they were. Turns out that was a good instinct because I saw them this morning and they were all hungover from all the tequila at "that random guy's party" and barely had any memory of the night. So good. Made a good call on that one!

Although last night may not have turned out quite like I expected, I did get lots of my knitting on my sweater done and today I had a good day chillin' with my roommate! All is well in Boulder, Colorado. I have done my duty, maybe not ridding, but surviving a demon attack. Now may return to my lifestyle of yarn. 

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