Monday, August 27, 2012

I Am Posting

Upon waking up and going to breakfast I ran upon an old friend. This is no normal friend. Maybe we smuggled some food from the dining room. Maybe we got free t-shirts and sunglasses. Maybe we signed up for auditions for the a cappella group. Just maybe we did all of those things, although the amount of awesomeness contained within these adventures must not be let out by describing them as accomplished feats. With my friend and a guy she brought along (who was also awesome), we rained magnificence upon the campus! 

Then it was time for the real stuff. With my first ever college class approaching in the hour, I charged to my advisor's office to meet with her about the demon encounter. But more on that later....

With a woosh of energy and a half ton of information, my Linguistics teacher was out the door and I was headed for my next class. Hardly believing an entire class had gone by, I walked stunned to my next class past the fountain and through the flurry of backpacks and racing students. By the time I was sitting down I was freaked for this next class. Spanish. Everyone was going to know more than me. Everyone was going to bypass my touch-and-go language skills. Did that happen?


It didn't.

SeƱora Moreno danced into the tiny room practically spewing Spanish. And guess what? I understood everything! I'm psyched! I can literally enter that class without any fear of being shamed for my inner language nerd. Life is great! 

After a fun, but long trip to Target with my adventure friend, I am finally getting ready to snuggle into bed. A group of people are sitting outside having fun, but I don't think I can take one more step. Or blink one more time even. So I'm headed to a perhaps quixotic bed. Good night fellow humans. I love you all.

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  1. Is it bad that I am commenting on everything? Anyway, I am so happy for you! I am thrilled that your spanish class was incredible, I can't wait to hear more about it! You are probably the youngest person in that class, how awesome is that! I am just as excited about you signing up for the A Capella group... if that is what you did....
    I am glad you are hanging out with your fun friend (beanie?) and I can't wait to hear more stories