Thursday, August 23, 2012

Moved in And Ready to Go

Moved in today. Wow. What else can I say? Such a busy day and yet everything went just as planned. The “stampeders” (kids who arrived early and helped others move into their dorms) were basically all girls from what I could tell and all wore pink. Yes. Bright Pink. I ran up to a checking station to get my room key and mailbox key and returned to my dad surrounded by the pink ladies all swarming to pick up something else. Of course I’m sure once they started lugging my clothing bags up the stairs they regretted their decision to help with this specific new student!
As the coral ants sped up and down the stairs, I calmly unpacked all of my life into the little drawers and shelves of my new dorm. It all moved so fast! Upon meeting my roommate my family and I shot out to lunch at the amazing CU dining room (one of the many), bought a couple things at the bookstore, and jetted back to say our goodbyes at the door of my new building. We quickly discussed that I simply must keep up with watching “Lost” and then I was alone walking up to my new home.
It feels like home. My bed is super cooshy because my mom made it as soft as she possibly could and it is as bright as I want to feel for my year here. The comforter is a spritely yellow matched with some aqua green and red. Of course Mom found the perfect sheets to go along with the whole thing and it just looks adorable! Pair that with a cute couch underneath and you basically have the cutest darn dorm you have ever seen!
And my dorm has been just where I have been staying for the rest of the day! Exciting right? A little nap, a little “Supernatural”, and a little thinking about my future here is what my entire day has consisted of. It’s been so nice just to be tired and relax! But tomorrow I am going out onto campus to plan out where my class path might be and maybe some drawing in the park… This weekend is going to rock (or maybe just roll, ’cause seriously, I’m exhausted) and then classes begin!
So for the rest of tonight I have a meeting at 6:45 and then maybe some calm knitting and an early night to bed, I AM THE MOST EXCITING COLLEGE KID EVER!

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