Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Exoskeleton Souls

Witnessing the surge of wave breakers
Crashing over the velvet shoreline
Time smoothing pebbles over acres
Warmth disintegrating in the grime

Tired are the worn and weathered shucks
Of late exoskeleton souls
Sentiments of green glass vessels struck
Secrets to be found like Dead Sea scrolls

Even so, this is no sinless drink
Great azure sinking to prussian blue
Turning into a dark world of ink
A drain to turn affection to rue

Pinch from beating core of the ocean
The tug of the salt's soulmate, the moon
Pulling with devotion; emotion
Beckoning with gravitational swoon

Palm facing up to ensnare my hand
Beating like a wing against the sea
Expecting me to serve as the land
Ocean from blue eyes, I shun the plea

My shell of colorless protection
Drifting through open time and space
Not drifting; fleeing, from affection,
From my own reflection's sundry faces

That wanting wave curling to a fist
Pulling back as to collide with my cheek
WAIT! This is creation of ocean mist
Illusion to deceive me to be weak

Me, ocean, going deeper and deeper
An endless drain swirling in confusion
Clockwise just as the sea's keeper

All is delusion

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