Saturday, September 6, 2014

Risk, Trust, Gamble, Nothing, Desire


The risk was in washing all my blues with my whites
Writing my paper the day it was due
The risk was in walking, alone through the nights
In a dress too easy to see through


The trust was in my step on a high mountain peak
Leaving the window open in rain
The trust was in hoping he does not deem me weak
That he does not wish to cause me pain


The gamble was in adding the cup to the tray
Eating sushi from the gas station
The gamble was leaving without my pepper spray
In trusting I'm not just a temptation


'Risk' is not a strong enough word for the fear I feel
'Trust' and 'gamble' don't begin to relate
The hopelessness in planning on needing time to heal
In having to leave the house with armor plate


Desire is in wishing my sisters could sing
Without labels as sirens or whores
Desire is in relief with more daylight in Spring
In wanting love without bruises and sores

I risk my life when I trust the night
I gamble my peace when nothing can save me
And I desire only to love, to love with all my might


  1. Kelly, I love your new background and GOODNESS I LOVE THIS POEM!!!!

    1. Mosey, you are the best for keeping up with ma blog! Thanks as always for it :)

  2. This is incredible, sad, and beautiful

    1. Thanks Maddy, it means a lot that you read it!