Friday, December 6, 2013


Jumping on a trampoline    
It seems repetitive, but there's something about jumping that is intriguing. Each jump is unique. Maybe it's in the landing,
                                                                           changing the bend of your knees
                                                                                    differently each time.
                                                                                                    weightless in the blue sky.
Or maybe it's in the moment you are completely of the ground,                                            Maybe it's in the altitude, maybe it's in the actual action of jumping. Or maybe it's in the feeling. The feeling of pointing your toes into the fabric, pushing against the weight of yourself, lifting your arms, and then just falling to the will of gravity. It is the sui generis of the trampoline's nature.
Inthew i n d n o th i  n g i  s  d   e    t     e       r       m          i           n             e                 d     

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